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Hello hello hello, here is my letter, here are my fandom/char requests and misc rambling and general likes and dislikes! I included some prompts but if there's something else in your brain you're super excited to write for these characters, go for it! I am excited to see what you make!


Kissing! Porn! Emotional tension! AUs! All of the tropes! Literally all of them! Fake dating that leads to feelings, fake dating when feelings are already involved, on one or both sides! Bed sharing! Fancy dress, which I legit didn't realize was such a kink for me until I listed it as a prompt for three separate fandoms below.


Noncon. Character death. General violence against women.

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I'm petragem on ao3 and somethingaboutsewing on tumblr, if you're a person who likes to poke around (or purposefully avoid!)  And, uh, disclaimer, my tumblr is currently very heavy Ghostbusters-wise but that's only because it's the newest: I love all of my requested fandoms and would be equally happy to receive fic in any of them, I promise! Okay! Happy yuletiding! Good luck and THANK YOU thank you thank you!

found a girl and you're married now (fall 2k16 fic recs part 1)
[1] The List by acidmilkstar (Erin/Holtzmann, Ghostbusters), I could make this entire list Ghostbusters recs but I’m gonna save that for a rainy day so most pressingly: this is about Erin tindering her way through New York and Holtzmann realizing she’s in love with her and they're each other's person and it’s AMAZING, they’re both so gorgeously, confidently drawn, also hey like spoiler alert but there’s tragic just broke up with the tinder boyfriend and you're right here sex where everyone has too many feelings and did I mention that I am OBSESSED with this fic? It’s ongoing and updates regularly but even if it didn’t, five million thumbs up read it anyway.

[2] Unspeakable by mizzy (Sophie/Nate, Leverage), a Harry Potter crossover, I reread this the other day and like sort of vaguely remembered there was a twist and then I got to the twist and you guys, what a motherfucking twist.

[3] to every woman a happy ending by betony (Rita/Cage, Edge of Tomorrow), a five things that never happened slash one thing that did fic, this is one of those fics that crawls into your skin and stays, I thought the third section was going to be the one that hurt me most, then I read the fifth section, then the sixth.

[4] A Strange New Story Every Time by gyzym (Veronica/Logan, Veronica Mars), the one where they’re grown up, the one where they’re in New York, the one where they run into each other in an all-night grocery store. The one that’s something like 19k words long so I didn’t mean to reread it just now but uh but I just reread it just now, the voices are so good, the voices and the dialogue and the yearning is all so! good!

[5] blood rush in the hazy glow by firetestsgold (Clarke/Lexa, The 100), THE TOWN/GOWN AU, Clarke and the rest of the chaos kids go to a dive bar across town GUESS WHO THEY MEET Lexa that's who, Lexa and all her pals from the neighborhood, Lexa and all her pals who do not appreciate dumb college kids hanging out in their space. Clarke's pre-med, Lexa owns a boxing gym, everyone else is there and incredible and they're all drinking all the time, drinking and playing pool, eyefucking and actualfucking, getting in fist fights and getting in feelings fights. It's complete but also there's an epilogue chapter recently added on, with one more still to come so get excited get EXCITED.

small bits of brightness amongst these nightmare apocalypse end of times, july 2k16 edition
Night swimming in the suburbs, purple-black skies

Spiceworld playing on the radio at the Broad Street Duane Reade


Patty Tolan

Jillian Holtzmann

Patty Tolan calling Jillian Holtzmann Holtzy and also possibly baby unless I totally hallucinated that line who can say really

The dogpatch instagram filter

Josh Groban singing "Dust and Ashes" from Great Comet

Great Comet

Nate and Sophie and Leverage and how anytime I have a spare 40 or 20 or 220 minutes I turn on Leverage and marvel about everything about everything but especially Nate and Sophie's overall arc, that moment in the cemetery and San Lorenzo and dinner as colleagues dinner as friends, casual sex and how much it throws Nate, how he wanted to be a priest

Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper and real life dating

The blazer with rolled up sleeves I've been keeping at my desk and wearing everyday because my desk cardigans were frankly just not cutting it

The four-part play and four-part musical adaptations of The Neapolitan Novels I am fancasting just for funsies

New Tana French this fall

Missy Peregrym on Motive, eventually, these last days of Motive

Shaina Taub

Jeanine Tesori playing the piano standing up while also dancing while also conducting

Bullet journals

Thinking about writing fanfiction while not actually writing fanfiction

Shoulder-height flowers


The Williams sisters


Coming home

when your day is through, and so is your temper
Awhile back, like, years and years back, now, I guess, I got into the habit of naming posts and fics and like, draft notes to myself, with lyrics from whatever song I had in my head at the time, and one of the weirdest things about getting back into posting here is having to like, make an effort to listen to words? Of songs? Because mostly I don't, mostly I just remember tunes and maybe, MAYBE, a phrase here and there, unless it's a song from a musical or a song I've assigned to an otp, because I can remember then, because there is a story attached, but otherwise, nothing. So, I'm lowkey obsessed with this song, The Promise, it's called, but trying not to be, because it's got a very country sound and caring about country is just a very slippery slope and who has the time, so I google the lyrics, because I have listened to it a lot, a lot of cumulative hours, I know the sound, I know the singing, but nothing else. Aaaaaaand guess what, GUESS WHAT, IT'S A NEW FOUND GLORY COVER IT'S A NEW FOUND GLORY COVER I WAS HIGHKEY OBSESSED WITH CIRCA SEVERAL YEARS AGO AND I NEVER REALIZED, my memory may be shot but my #brand is strong. Anyway, fic recs! Part the second.

[1] You & Me of the 10,000 Wars, (Mary/Matthew, Downton), the modern AU that officially is marked as incomplete but it is complete in my heart; I reread it back maybe in December and guess what, it was great in all the ways I remembered but also, especially, in ways I didn't.

[2] An Interrupted Vacation, (Illya/Napolean/Gaby, Man from Uncle), SPIES IN LOVE, spies in love and repressing their feelings and getting shot at and kidnapped and rescued, spies in love and threesomes.

[3] Barrier Methods (Ned/Chuck, Pushing Daisies), Ned and Chuck get creative when it comes to all the ways they can and can't touch; alternately, Ned and Chuck talk a lot about sex armour. The voices are so great and so strong, you can practically hear them.

[4] Simple, (Flynn/Vega, Motive), because sometimes you just want to read about two partners sneaking away from their fancy dress party to go make mulled wine and passes at each other, breezily. But also very 100% sincerely.

[5] Whitehall University (Anne/Henry, The Tudors), you guys, you guys you guys you guys you guys you guyyyyys, you don't need to have seen the Tudors to care deeply about this fic, I certainly have never seen the Tudors and I care deeply about this fic, it's in progress, it's updating every couple of days, it's literally everything I hoped and dreamed would some day exist for Anne Boleyn. So far she's yelled about rampant misogyny and kicked a man in the groin, I love it, I love her, I might actually even love Anne/Henry? I THOUGHT I WAS IMMUNE TO LOVING ANNE/HENRY BUT WHOOPS GUESS NOT.

Bonus song links, Sturgill Simpson and New Found Glory, and they sound totally different, right? Please assure me they sound totally different. The title should've been a giveaway, I realize now the title should've been a giveaway, and yet.

i will protect your name and your heart
Earlier tonight I went to a holiday concert with surprise a cappella "Little Drummer Boy" punctuated by tap-dancing and my heart nearly fell out of my chest, let's do a meme stolen from earnmysong:

TOP 5 ME! Books, art, culture, politics, music, fandom stuff, movies, television, anything. Ask as many as you'd like. Be vague. Be specific. I don't care if it's mundane or off the wall.

yeah it's written in the water yeah it's everywhere i go
Fic recs! Because lowriseflare is doing it, and I'm a joiner.

Stranger Than Friction (Hardy/Miller, Broadchurch), set after season one, set right at the moment where they start to put their lives back together, set in a way that them moving in together, being housemates, wanting, is totally, totally plausible.

from the dark with you above (Lydia/Gigi, Lizzie Bennet Diaries), the PINING, oh my god you guys, this has so much wonderful delicious perfect incredible pining.

fighting vainly the old ennui (Phryne/Jack, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), the one where Phryne is a jewel thief and Jack and Mac are drinking buddies, the one with epistolary flirting, the one with a super fucking great kiss, at the end.

Love Will Come Through (Clarke/Bellamy, The 100), there's an arranged marriage and Clarke is so very Clarke and Bellamy is so very Bellamy and if they had a choice, they'd choose each other, they say.

North Star (Linden/Holder, The Killing), POST SEASON FOUR FIC SIREN SIREN SIREN, there's home and cars and tattoos and and and.

it was just like a movie it was just like a song
OH HEY LIVEJOURNAL HEY HI WHAT'S UP, I have talked about and thought about posting here so many times and talked about and thought about writing fic to post here so many times, and a little bit I actually have, a little bit I have drafts of things floating around on my phone and on my computer, but mostly I just have a lot of unrequited feelings in my heart, so hey, hey hello, hey let me tell you about all the fic I've thought about but mostly not written, this past calendar year.

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Anyway/also/tldr: tell me things, tell me things about the fic you want to write, tell me things about the fic you want to read.

THEATER WISHLIST, winter 2015 edition
I meant to do one of these last June to maintain my three year wishlist-on-Tony-weekend streak buuuut last June I was in the middle of losing my mind over the greatest feminist musical of our time and also was out of town (checking liveblogs on my phone and crying, alternately) so whatever who cares, doing it now!


tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife
WELL HEY, I was tagged by earnmysong and nereemac to choose five OTPs.

[1] Andy/Saaam, Rookie Blue
[2] Kelli O/Stevie P I mean Francesca/Robert (I mean Kelli/Steve), Bridges of Madison County
[3] Sloan/Don, The Newsroom
[4] Linden/Holder, The Killing
[5] Meryl/Maks, Dancing with the Stars

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TAGGING: ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PLAY, and also! hello livejournal, how's it going?

Yuletiiiiiiide, 2014.
Well HELLO, let's talk YULETIDE, dear writer:

This is my first year doing this thing, and let me tell you: I am super psyched. In general, like. I like all the things? Not to be super difficult about it, but I like all the things. I love dark yearny-type stories, I love happy light fun fic, I love things that surprise me. Tropes? I am a real sucker for tropes. Anything with awesome ladies, awesome friendships. Kissing. Porn, sometimes, with or without plot. A lot of my prompts are ship-focused, but I'd also totally totally love anything featuring friends, or friendliness, or, anything that's gen. I am easy. I am so easy, I promise you. See below for rambling about each request, but please please feel free to do your own thing, if you've already got an idea you're super pumped about. Optional details are optional! Etc.

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OKAY! Happy Yuletide! I shall see you and flail all over your fic in approximately two months, ready and BREAK.

(Oh hey also HELLO IN GENERAL, LIVEJOURNAL. I haven't meant to neglect you quite so badly but eek oops anyway, also/mostly these days I can be found feeling feelings at, come say hi.)


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